Mathematics Curriculum

Our mathematics curriculum is compatible with both international and American standards. Mathematics is held at the same time for the entire school, allowing students to go to the appropriate level and for that matter, subject within mathematics. There is pre-assessment and all work is monitored to ensure it is relevant to the student. Everyone gets 1:1 and small group time with the teacher as well as group project time. There are no "whole class" lessons. Learning is project/discovery/inquiry based as much as possible. Working at the student's proper level does not have to be "earned" by completing grade level work - it is the norm. There is no needless repetition. Groupings are flexible and dynamic. A high-level chart of areas covered follows. We work closely with students and families to make sure that we are meeting students' needs in this very critical area of study. As the mathematics increase in complexity, it is NOT true that one runs out of mathematics. However, math (or all of the areas of study within it) is also not everyone's passion - we allow flexibility in study and the ability to opt out of the mathematics electives, just like in college. More details are coming soon with regard to specific curriculum and delivery method.

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