On this page, you will find out about giftedness and how to support gifted children, local resources, information for various service providers and enrichment.  

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Gifted? How to get support - overview.

Let’s Start Local!

There is a village! If you are a parent of a gifted child in Chicago or an educator for gifted children, we strongly recommend that you connect with two organizations as they aggregate area resources:

Chicago Gifted Community Center

A non-profit organization, created by parents of gifted children, with the mission to facilitate educational and emotional support for gifted children and their families.  The organization holds a number of events of academic, intellectual and emotional interest for families, children, and parents and aggregates area resources and events.

Illinois Association for Gifted Children

The Illinois Association for Gifted Children empowers educators, families and communities by advancing effective practices, programs and policies to promote the development of gifted and talented children throughout Illinois. The Association has a number of legislative initiatives in Illinois to improve the quality of education.

Chicago Area Mensa - Community for IQ130+. 

Chicago Gifted Children Meetup: sometimes it helps to connect with other local parents and talk about common issues/find social opportunities and support.


For IQ and Academic testing, please click here.

Enrichment - General

Ideas, which include after school, summer, and weekend opportunities for the gifted of various ages: (wait, isn’t this competition to the programming that you offer? Yes but that’s just fine.  Each of these offers different options and different locations. It’s great to have a fit for a variety of needs and constraints. We look at these organizations as partners and collaborators. There is so little out there for the gifted that every little bit helps)

Online: Mensa for Kids

STEAM Enrichment in the City of Chicago

Homeschooler opportunities (not specifically gifted)

http://www.illuminat-ed.com - Naperville/Fox valley area

Student Science Labs and Coding:

STEAM Annual Events:

  • Fermilab holds a number of events year round of interest to children interested in science


  • Maker Faire 

  • Suburban gifted schools may also have events open to the public.

Maker Spaces: (we will have one along with classes, soon)

o   Harold Washington Library – it’s free!

o   Adler Planetarium and Chicago Children’s museum both have one

o   There are a slew of private ones out there as well, just google them. Bit space is one that is specific for kids.

Gifted-Specific Classes and Camps:


After school or weekend: (these are not tutoring services)

Summer Camps:


Obviously, the various Chicago Museums, which we will not list here, all have classes and workshops that could be of interest.

Support Services

For support with specific issues, from people that understand gifted, beyond those listed in evaluations

Social workers:

Gifted Learning Center

Gifted Learning Center is a social emotional resource that provides healing experiences for gifted children in a small group, intellectually stimulating environment. It is essentially a therapeutic school with a social and emotional focus. 


Leslie Contos www.mosaictherapy.org Leslie loves working with youth and adults who are gifted, learning different, or twice exceptional. Her approach includes collaborative goal setting with clients; utilizing a creative, strengths-based approach in order to cultivate increased self-understanding, acceptance, and positive growth


A wonderful resource for parents raising gifted children is SENG. SENG is an organization that focuses, among other things, on supporting the social and emotional needs of gifted children and their families.

One of our founders, Judy Wahl, is is a SENG facilitator.  If you are interested in a SENG parent group outside of our school offerings (please check our calendar), please feel free to reach out Judy directly.

Our additional SENG resource is Sheryl Stroller: https://www.stollerparentcoaching.org/. Please check our events page often to learn of upcoming workshops with Sheryl.

Special Interest: HG EG PG 2E

HG/EG/PG: Well hello you needle-in-a-hay-stack, you. MAGE is here because of you.


  • 2E Newsletter - this is a wonderful collection of resources and information.

Gifted Research: 

(If you are aware of a resource that we should add here, please email us.)