Classics Club:

The Classics Club is a part of MAGE curriculum that we are making available for everyone else as enrichment.  


The Classics Club will explore the themes of mythology, ancient history, art, and culture, as well as Classical Greek and Latin, through reading, drama, art, projects, music and games. The Classics club will meet once a week for 1.5 hours. Studying classics creates foundational understanding of language arts, history, and humanities, is intellectually stimulating and rewarding, and sets children up for academic success.  

Schedule Highlights:

·     October: Halloween Classics Costume Party*, **

·     Students will be making hand-made costumes in class during the month of October to prepare for the party.

·     December: Certamen (A friendly competition and contest with prizes) and end of year celebration for the fall trimester.

·     February - March: Students in grades 3-6 will have the option to participate in national Latin and Mythology competitions.  By this time of the year, students participating in our program will be ready. Younger students will participate in our own competitions.  There will be no certamen this term because of the formal competition.

April - Norse, Sanskrit, Native American, At the forum

·     May: *, ** Independent research project presentation.  Poster board included. 

·     June:*,** Certamen and end for the year award ceremony/party for the entire program. This is when any students that participated in the Feb/March formal contests will be honored as well.

*Parents will have a week to purchase additional supplies if their child needs them.

**Parents will be invited to attend all, or a part of the event. We may also ask for volunteers for set up for some of these special events. 


Cost: Each 10-week trimester session will be $350 per student.

Age range:

Depending on interest, we will run multiple sessions. Ideally, we will run a program for K-2nd grade, 3/4th grade, and 5/6th grade to match competition bands.  We are open to adding a program for grades 7+ as well – also see Latin courses that we will offer for serious students. 


The program will run for the entire academic school year in 3 trimesters of 10 weeks each. Each term will build on the knowledge of the previous term and have something unique to offer. For students who wish to compete in a formal competition, the second session will build on the knowledge of the previous session, to allow us enough time to cover the entire curriculum required, and will have the actual formal competition in it. The third session will allow each student to learn how to do research and also expose them to informal competition. 


We will be trying to run one weekday AM session, after school, and weekend session, if we can. In the event that we don’t have enough students to run each age group, we may be willing to put the students together in one group.