Gifted children are, by definition, not standardized.

So why do we keep trying to fit them into standard educational molds?

MAGE takes a different approach.

differentiated approach.

The Midwest Academy for Gifted Education is not for everyone. We are rigorous about engaging educators who direct their creativity and passion to customize their approach to the strengths and interests of every student. And we then empower our teachers to take the reins.

We spend time getting to know the children being considered for admission and you, the parents, as we know it takes the right combination of teacher, parent and student to enable success.

MAGE is the only private gifted school in the City of Chicago. We focus on the top 2% of the population or IQ of 130+ and we teach in multi-age classrooms which allows us to differentiate better. We provide individualized and personalized instruction with the right balance of rigor, but without pressure. We provide a well-rounded education with detailed communications to you.