Upcoming Gifted Events

We wanted to highlight 2 conferences for parents of gifted children that are happening in the next 3 weeks.

Feb 2: Parent Saturday at the IAGC Conference

Feb 2: Parent Saturday at the IAGC Conference

IAGC Parent Saturday

(IAGC is Illinois Association for Gifted Children)

February 2, 2019  
9:00 AM - 12:30 AM followed by a parent lunch through CGCC. 
Chicago Marriott Naperville, Naperville, IL

A great local annual event, the conference starts with a keynote by Dr. Michele Kane. Dr. Kane is one of the world’s top experts on gifted education and social emotional issues and is the head of our state's only gifted endorsement program for educators. After the keynote, the event continues with a presentation from Eric Calvert and Carolyn Welch, IAGC Advocacy Co-chairs, on all things gifted education policy in Illinois followed by many options for breakout sessions. If you are an educator, the preceding 2 days of the conference are just for you. 

We hope to see you there! Please stop by our table to say hi. The event is not suitable for children, and no childcare is provided. The registration is $60. 

The event is followed by a parent lunch put together by a separate gifted organization, CGCC, Chicago Gifted Community Center. The link  below is to register just for lunch and does not require the registration for the actual conference.

Can't make an in-person event, but want to attend a gifted topic conference? Do it remotely! This is a free 2e Online Summit that starts on Monday, January 28th and runs for 7 days. It is called Bright & Quirky Child Online Summit. You will be able to choose what interests you the most and will have 24 hrs to watch the presentations available each day of the conference on your own schedule. Great for those hours when your child is asleep. 

An example, a fabulous speaker, is Michelle Garcia Winner, an SLP that developed Social Thinking, a social skills curriculum that works well for many gifted children for whom communications are sometimes tricky.

Day 1: Understand your bright & quirky child
Day 2: Manage emotional intensity, meltdowns & behavior
Day 3: Navigate school and learning challenges
Day 4: Manage social challenges and build community
Day 5: Increase focus, motivation and executive function
Day 6: Calm stress, anxiety and perfectionism
Day 7: Parent complex bright & quirky kids

Interested in a Family-Friendly Gifted-Themed Event in the City of Chicago? We host at least one per month! Please subscribe to our newsletter or check our events calendar often to learn about more events. But don't forget, you are also a part of a local community that could help brainstorm ideas for your specific needs, such as finding intellectual peers for play, or resources on a topic around your child's interests.

Admissions Coffee

Please join us for one of our upcoming Admissions Coffee! Or, if you've been to one of these before, come just to socialize with other gifted families during that time.

Admissions Coffee
Sundays, January 20 and February 10
10:30AM-11:30AM or by appointment.

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