Midwest Academy is the only private gifted school in the City of Chicago. We focus on the top 2% of the population or IQ of 130+ and we teach in multi-age classrooms which allows us to differentiate better. We provide individualized and personalized instruction with the right balance of rigor, but without pressure, for example with a no homework/no grade policy. Instead, we provide parents with detailed communications about what is being learned and levels of attainment/proficiency in all areas. Please use the navigation bars on the top and left of the screen to learn more about us. Click here to email us right now.



  • Lifestyle features:



  • Social Emotional
    • Small faculty:student ratios mean that teachers can properly engage the entire class and attend to the students' individual emotional needs.

    • Plenty of freedom and movement breaks in the classroom.

    • Rigor without anxiety through progressive practices: no grades, no homework, and all tests are just to inform instruction, with families having some control over the testing.

    • Executive functioning, mindfulness, self regulation and other parts of SENG-based social emotional development are an integrated part of the curriculum.

    • Proper anti-bullying policy.

    • Proper allergy policy. We will work with FARE using their recommended practices. A large proportion of the gifted have allergies. We get it, and safety is paramount.

    • We focus on teacher retention to provide community. Teachers who work at MAGE are able to send a child to the school for free. We pay a highly competitive wage. We hope this creates a community as our teachers' families are also rooted here and in the school. When our children graduate, we want them to still see the teachers that taught them in kindergarten.

    • Parent education seminars on topics selected by the parent body.

    • Board members in the mental health field in order to ensure we have the best social and emotional practices, including SENG certified professionals, not just STEAM and academics.

    • We create a robust support team for all students, as many gifted children will struggle with challenges like perfectionism or self-induced pressure.

    • Students are taught to their strengths and their weaknesses are scaffolded.

    • We are not all about academics. Because our students are so fast on the uptake and so ahead, there is no need for them to be in academics all the time. We have extra time slotted in for age-appropriate play and a whole day that's all about projects and fun every week. Yes, they might go to the beach or carry out an extended project of their choice, at least one day a week.

    • Ability to opt out (with parent involvement) of programming that is not interesting. Student-initiated learning is supported.