We are excited to announce that due to high demand, we are looking at a 4-year-old program (same fees as the 5-7 program). Please reach out to admissions if interested in this program, or fill out the online application.

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Notes about affordability: we are committed to working on Financial Aid and scholarships. Pls check in with admissions so that we can contact you when the financial assistance program becomes available. If you can’t afford us right now, consider discussing your financial limitations with admissions and working through our application process in case we receive sponsorship that allows us to accept a few best-fit applicants.

Full Time Program:

Please note, this represents the maximum projected tuition for the minimum amount of students in our first choice location. We are working to bring those numbers down. Sign up to receive emails from us on our contact page to track our progress with location and its impact on tuition.

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  • Field trip day and subjects other than reading and math vary to some degree by age;

  • There are no trips the first 2 weeks of school in the lower grades, to let everyone settle into the school year and work on team building. There may be a team building trip in the older grades.

  • The trips are less frequent for ages 5-6 as the trips can be deregulating to 20-30% of this age group who like a more set routine; we wait until the majority of the children are comfortable in school to start the field trip program around October for those two grades. In place of this, the early years students have a higher emphasis on early reading skills, and more independent and guided play time and recess scheduled through their day, with longer times allowed for transitions.

  • For children who are the most sensitive, instead of the field trip, we offer, at parents’ discretion and any age, the ability to join the In-Schooling program for the duration of the trip.


Part Time Programs: 

At MAGE, we recognize that in Chicago, no academically focused institution offers part-time kindergarten. Developmentally, many children still require a nap at ages 5 and 6. For a variety of reasons, families may wish to continue a part time program beyond 5 years of age, sometimes to supplement a homeschool program, or to allow time for other activities. We recognize that this is especially important for gifted children, who may have maximized their ability to participate in an academic activity after a few hours due to intense concentration during those times. Therefore, we offer several part time options, especially of interest to Kindergarteners:

  • Lunch Plus Program, 5 days a week: 8 AM - 1 PM. The cost of this program is $14,450.00 for all ages. The lunch meal is not included at this time, just the lunch and recess period for socializing.

  • Early Morning 5 days a week: 8 AM - 10:00 AM for 5 and 6 year olds and some homeschoolers. The cost of this program is TBD. This is a math and reading only program with additional play time built in for the younger students depending on stamina.

  • We wouldn't be open to a student arriving at school at 9 AM, or some other random time for a specific subset of classes as we don't want to have to add that disruption to our other students and to our staff at this time, however, if a child wants to skip an early class, they can arrive and spend an hour in the in-schooling program working within their individual learning plan and transitioning to the regular program from there. 

  • A child in a part-time program who is getting ready to transition to more time in school may shadow 1 day per quarter in the longer-day programs at no extra charge.

  • A child in a part-time program may participate in the same before or after-school free or paid activities as the rest of the students.