Introduction to Folk/Barn Social Dance

Pardon the construction dust, but be aware that a designated caregiver has to stay on site until we receive the city permit for drop offs. Once we receive city approval, we will notify you that you can now drop off your child. You will have to sign that off during registration.

Free Open House Class: September 30, 2019 at 11 AM

Families, Ages: 5-100 - grownups without a family member under the age 18 at the event are not allowed for the safety of our families.

Dates: This class meets on the following <Days of the week and frequency for the month> at X time for Y minutes.

Please note, there is no class on:

Price: 10 sessions: $/? ($ each additional ?). Drop-in: $? per ?

Required Supplies: ???

This class has ? spaces.


Description: I would love to see a good international representation, including a line dance, a partner dance like square dance but not necessarily the square dance, something with an object, like a sword or a scarf would be lovely too, something that is a circle dance as well.