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Drop off: 9 AM. Before-care is available starting at 7:30 AM to 8:45 AM, $5/every 15 minutes, needs to be arranged in advance.

Pick up: 3:30PM except Friday Expo! After-care is available starting at 3:45 until 7PM, $5/every 15 minutes, needs to be arranged in advance.

Friday Expo: 3PM-3:30PM - students show you what they’ve done all week. Optional Pizza party until 4.

Admissions Steps for Camp:

  1. Fill out application form online.

    You have to submit qualifying documents to show that your child is gifted. For our summer camps, kids need to test 95%+ in reading or math on standardized tests to attend. A list of admissible qualifying documents is here.

  2. Receive acceptance email

  3. Receive a link to paperwork to fill out, as well as an invoice. You will have 5 days to pay for camp and fill out the paperwork. The paperwork will include basic info like emergency contract information, medications permission/health form - we will need the standard state school health examination, field trip permission, privacy policy and media forms for your camp.

Application Fee: There is no application fee

Camp Cost: Camps are $400 per week unless you qualify for a discount (parent veteran, parent faculty at a university in Chicago, second week of attendance or second child in family to attend this summer, in which case camps are $380 for a week (the discount is not additive). Or there is a 5% credit card mark up if you wish to use a credit card as a pass through of those fees to you, sorry. There is a $30 bounced check fee.

Teacher:camper ratio: 1:10

Location: Private location in West Town neighborhood of Chicago, IL. Location sent to families that have applied or inquire with admissions.

Supplies that you need to provide:

  • water bottle, labeled,

  • non-perishable nut-free snack,

  • non-perishable nut-free lunch, labeled.

  • Swim-suit +towel. You can keep that at camp for the week if it doesn’t get used. Else it will be sent home to clean daily.

  • An additional change of clothes. You can keep that at camp for the week if it doesn’t get used. If we are not swimming, it may still be used during recess with the water feature.

  • You must apply sunblock and or bug spray (for field trip days if we are going to a place with bugs, you will get reminder) to your child before camp. We can’t do so for you.

  • Sunglasses, hat.

  • If typing or needing to use assistive technology for Halfblood camp, please provide appropriate device.

Waitlist: If you are placed on a waitlist, you will be notified of the waitlist and your position. Waitlist openings within 7 days of camp only have 24 hours to accept camp.

Refund policy: full refund up to 2 weeks before camp. If there is a wait list after that, you may be able to still get money back; After that, there are no refunds.

Financial aid: It is unlikely that we will have this for camps, but let us know if you are limited and really want to attend, in case a donor comes forward.

Day Camp Descriptions:

June 24-29 Ages 8-12 Camp Half Blood: Calling all Demigods! Finally, a Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Day-Camp just for you! In this Rick Riordan - inspired fan fiction writing camp, students will create, edit, and discuss their manuscripts and or act out scenes and skits. The end product could be a draft of a short story, poem, graphic novel, comic strip, or novella and so on. This camp is for students who are voracious readers and writers and fans of the Olympians Series and have read at least the first 2 series prior to camp. There will be a chance to have deep discussions around this area of interest with like-minded peers in a fun camp environment and to start friendships based on similar interests. Campers will also enjoy an off-site field trip, science and art activities, and camp games. Camp ends in a showcase and pizza party.

June 22-26 Ages 6-10 Mage Math Camp: This is an introductory camp for children who have not experienced math competition and may be interested in contest math or joining a team in the fall. There will be equal math competition and math circle (non-competitive, collaborative) activities. Please don't sign up children who don't enjoy math for this camp, and we recommend that a child is performing above grade in mathematics to participate. It's summer, so the camp has a full range of regular camp activities as well. Campers will also enjoy an off-site field trip, STEM activities, swimming, arts and crafts, camp games, and daily indoor and outdoor play time. Camp ends in a parent showcase and a pizza party. Our instructor, Dr. Gregory Marx, is a research mathematician in the areas of operator theory and operator algebras. He also has taught college-level single and multivariable calculus courses at Virginia Tech. He has been one of our fabulous math circle instructors. This is a unique opportunity for students to work with an advanced mathematician who can expand their thinking beyond the constraints of elementary mathematics. 

August 5-9 Ages 5-8 Poop Day-Camp: Learn all about poop and other gross stuff in this silly science and history camp. There will be a chance to laugh and make friends with intellectual peers in a fun camp environment. Campers will also enjoy an off-site field trip, science activities, arts and crafts, and camp games. Camp ends in a showcase and pizza party.

August 12-16 Ages 6-12 Radioactive Chicago Day-Camp: Campers will learn about various forms of energy, about measuring radiation, and even about the atomic bomb. Campers will also enjoy an off-site field trip, science activities, arts and crafts, and camp games. Camp ends in a showcase and pizza party.