We have several programs. Please select the program overview that interests you below to learn more. 

Kindergarten - 6th Grade Elementary Program

We have both full and part time programs. Please click here for details about the tuition schedule, and other information. We believe that at the center of the school’s educational model, there need to be the five core subjects. They need to be deep and robust, and that the knowledge being learned in those cores needs to be generalized through cross-disciplinary projects in order to achieve mastery. In order to provide a well-rounded education, we integrate the the arts and physical activity into the program. The social emotional curriculum has its own track, and in addition it is sprinkled throughout the school day.

We teach many of our courses in a multi-age environment. In order to teach every child at their academic level, the children travel to the just right level class of mathematics and reading, and sometimes in other courses, instead of exclusively being with their age peers.  This is dependent on the child's readiness; the teacher will differentiate in the classroom if the child is negatively affected by the transition. We believe that there is a specific, just right zone of challenge that we want to achieve with each student. Click on each link to read more (Links added daily).

Core Curriculum:

Additional Curriculum:


Middle and High School Lite

MAGE Middle and High School Lite is a homeschool+ management program. The purpose of the program is to provide a curated, structured (set at family level based on a common agreement) and supervised independent study environment that provides social interaction throughout the day. The reason we created this program is because we understand that there is a need in the gifted community for a small, individualized, extremely advanced, yet safe and nurturing environment where middle and high school students could complete their studies. 

Please check with admissions team for details about this program.


Many families choose to homeschool their gifted children who like to go deep into an area of interest. We created the In-Schooling program just for them! The parents are in charge of what their child is learning and doing in this program. It is a combination of traditional and homeschool/unschooling school all in one. Full and part time options are available in this program. This allows the ultimate flexibility in education when homeschooling at home is not an option due to some constraint, such as parents having to work. Each family sits with our education team to create an individual learning plan that may or may not include classes in the traditional program, and other activities and any constraints. It is also the program we recommend if the child is anticipated to have frequent absences from school due to complex family commitments such as athletic training or acting. 

Please check with admissions team for details about this program.

Summer MAGE

We will be running at least one week of camp in the summer of 2019. Please check with admissions team for details about this program. We may also offer a spring break camp.

MAGE After School

MAGE After School will start in the fall of 2019. You may click here for more information.