We have several programs including a full time school, camps, and even a free math circle. Please read the program overview that interests you below, learn about what makes us different, or join us on May 19th for coffee.

Kindergarten - 6th Grade Elementary Program

We have both full and part time programs. Please click here for details about the tuition and schedule. Our teacher:student ratio is 1:8 or better. We believe that at the center of the school’s educational model, there need to be the five core subjects. They need to be deep and robust, and that the knowledge being learned in those cores is generalized through cross-disciplinary projects in order to achieve mastery. In order to provide a well-rounded education, we integrate the the arts, a robust social emotional curriculum and and physical activity into the program. Our top priority is your child’s happiness and engagement.

We teach many of our courses in a multi-age environment. In order to teach every child at their academic level, the children travel to the just right level class (groupings are dynamic), instead of exclusively being with their age peers.  This is dependent on the child's readiness; the teacher will differentiate in the classroom if the child is negatively affected by the transition.

Core Curriculum:

Additional Curriculum:


Middle and High School Lite

MAGE Middle and High School Lite is a program that provides a location and classmates for Middle and High School students to co-study. The purpose of the program is to provide a curated, structured (set at family level based on a common agreement) and supervised, relaxed, safe, and nurturing study environment for HG-PG students that provides social engagement throughout the day along with radical acceleration, etc., as needed. The students in this program might choose a mixture of classes through programs such as DAO or SOHS, our applicable offerings, etc. We create opportunities for mentorship and community service projects. We have a tentative college bridging partner. The long-range plan is to grow to a full-blown HG+ middle-high school. Until then, there is MS/HS Lite.

Summer MAGE

Summer 2019 Programs are over. We will bring back our Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Writing Camp, Math Camp, Radioactive Chicago, and Poop! Camp back in 2020. Click here to sign up to get news when these are posted. They should be announced in December. Please check in with the admissions team if you have any further questions about the summer programs.

Free Elementary Math Circle Grades 1-4

Our Free Elementary Math Circle is not a selective enrollment program - it is open enrollment for all. An elementary math circle allows children to experience the beauty and creativity of mathematics in a non-traditional setting. Students engage in games, projects and discussions, with an advanced mathematician as their guide. The problems selected require very little mathematical knowledge to participate, but at the same time can challenge even sophisticated students or even math professors. Math circles increase mathematical literacy, confidence, resilience, collaboration and communication, skills that are critical in a STEAM field. Click here for info + registration.

MAGE Weekend, After School, and Homeschool Enrichment

MAGE Weekend and After School will start in the fall of 2019. You may click here for more information. 

Free MAGE Parent Education Series

We piloted our Free Parent Ed series in the Spring and Summer of 2019. The series will return in the fall of 2020. You may click here for more information.