Fall Enrichment Programs

This fall, our Free Elementary Circle for grades 1-4 and Free Parent Education Workshops return, along with many new offerings. Please take our 2-minute survey to indicate which of our program offerings may be of interest to your family. We will offer some of the programs after school, on the weekends, and also for homeschoolers during the day. We may offer some school day off camps as well.

Our programs will include mathematics, language arts, STEM and much more. Here are some highlights:

Math Team: We will offer a competitive and casual team.

Classics Club: an opportunity to learn about Greek and Roman history, mythology and language through games, projects, and literature, and to participate in competitions.

Gifted Social Group

We hope you find something you like on our programming list. If you fill out the survey, you may leave your email and we will let you know if we are able to schedule your choices. Schedule will be out mid-August.