IAGC Conference

Today’s annual Parent Saturday of the IAGC conference was well-organized and well-attended. Midwest Academy for Gifted Education enjoyed meeting all the parents and businesses that came. Parents go to the IAGC conference, our state’s main gifted event with people who understand the local gifted conditions, because they want to learn how to better support their gifted children both emotionally and academically. They also sometimes go because they are feeling that their children are not being supported at all in the school. We heard quite a few of those tales today. We hear you and we are here to help.

MAGE booth @IAGC

MAGE booth @IAGC

We also met many new local professional members of the CGCC, the Chicago Gifted Community Center that have recently been added in the area. Area gifted parents should consider the benefits of being a member of the CGCC, to support the local gifted community as a whole, and to learn about resources out there. CGCC can also point you in the right direction, if you are not sure of the best resource to help with your unique challenges.

We list many useful things that can be of interest to gifted families on our Gifted Resource page, but we don’t aggregate them the same exact way as CGCC. CGCC and IAGC between them have the metro area and state resources, where we aggregate items the closest to or in Chicago city proper, that we are directly familiar with (not always all gifted, sometimes they are just gifted-friendly). So, please check out all three lists regularly and keep them in your bookmarks, as they all are constantly changing.

One organization that we wanted to highlight from the conference is Davidson Institute. Davidson exists to support children that are HG+, and they do much of this for free. They have a free school for HG+ in Utah, and they also launched an online high school (this bit is not free, but they do work with families to help make it affordable), two years ago, with middle school options available as well. Their young scholars program is stellar, free, and we would highly recommend it to all the gifted families that qualify. There is a wonderful and active local Davidson community, and that alone is a compelling reason to submit a free application. Generally, submitting all the required records by the first of the month will result in a decision by the start of the following month. So, what are you waiting for?

Did you miss the live IAGC conference? Is there a topic of interest that you wish to hear more about? Drop us a note by clicking on the button below! We are planning our free parent education panel discussions now, each with several different takes on the topic from teachers, parents and mental health professionals that work with gifted children and are our area’s top experts.

In addition, there is still one more free day in the Bright and Quirky Virtual Conference remaining. If there is a gifted topic for which you could use some help, especially if you have a 2e child, please click here for your free registration for the last live day Sunday day, or to buy a pass to watch the whole conference again later. Here’s the line up and schedule for the last day:


Sunday, February 3, 2019. Begins at 10 am ET/7 am PT

SESSION 1: Debbie Reber | Raising Your Differently Wired Child

SESSION 2: Kate Arms & Jen Merrill | How to Avoid Burnout When Raising a 2e Child

SESSION 3: Nicole Tetreault PhD | Helping Your Uniquely Bright Child Flourish

SESSION 4: Olivia Martinez Hauge MFTA, OTR | When Parents Feel Like They’re Not Doing Enough

SESSION 5: Dan Siegel MD | Deep Mechanisms of the 2e Brain: Prequel to the Talk in Day 1 of the Summit