Midwest Academy for Gifted Education is a parent and teacher founded non-profit that is the only private gifted school inside the City of Chicago. We are the only Illinois private school focused on gifted children with IQ130+. We are the only gifted K-12 in Illinois. We specialize in meeting the social, emotional and educational needs of highly and profoundly gifted children.

We aim to disrupt the local gifted education scene by applying best researched practices, innovation, and collaboration to every decision that we make in order to become a model in gifted education.

We don’t just stop with the underserved gifted population. We also fill the gaps that we see for all students, gifted and not, and create outstanding enrichment and scholastic opportunities for all students, regardless of gifted status. This includes providing a Free Elementary Math Circle for children in grades K-4 to foster a love of mathematics and the increase of mathematical literacy and confidence, the only program like this in the state.