Calling all children who love mathematics! A free, monthly elementary mathematics circle will run as a pilot in the City of Chicago. Please see the details below.

Cost: Free.

Age: Grades 1-4.

Parents: This is not a drop off class, you have to stay on-site.

Student : teacher ratio: 10:1 at most.

Class Time and Location (do not show up without enrollment confirmation!)

  • Weekday PM: Thursdays 6:45 PM May 30, June 20, Altitude Trampoline Park, West Town. (Jump time not included - you can purchase it before or after you get there if you so choose, but it is not required for circle. If you choose to buy a jump time, scroll to the bottom of the screen.)

  • Weekday AM: 10:30 AM Second Monday of the Month, private location that would be sent to registered participants. One date remains: June 17.

  • Weekend PM: Still working on location.

Class Duration: 45 minutes.

Description: Students will participate in mathematical games and activities with low-threshold of knowledge to start, but that could support very sophisticated mathematics to continue, allowing students of different levels to participate together. Several students will share a table and an instructor will explain the directions for each activity to each table and get them going, and then circle around to help as needed.

Code of Conduct: classroom-appropriate behavior such as age appropriate ability to following directions, keeping hands to yourself, engaging in the activity and not distracting other students is expected. Turn-taking skills are also expected - not all 1st graders can do this, so please don’t sign up your child if they are not ready with these types of skills. This is a short class, please arrive on time as we will not wait, and the teacher won’t have the ability to repeat instructions multiple times for late-comers.


What do I need to prepare to jump at Altitude Tranpoline Park if I so choose? You need to sign a waiver for all jumpers in advance to save time, here, and wear comfortable clothing. You will have to buy their jump socks. You can sign up for jump time ahead of the event here.

What is the goal of the program? The goal of the program is to provide a child with a chance to work with a sophisticated, advanced mathematician and a peer group in a way that will encourage a sense of discovery and excitement about mathematics through problem-solving and interactive exploration. As a result, math fluency, literacy, self confidence, and perseverance should increase.

Can my kindergarten student attend? Not at this time. We will look into developing this program for younger students after our initial pilot.

Can my 5th+ grader attend too? There is a fantastic and free math circle already enrolling students for grades 5+ for free at 7 locations around the city. We therefore do not have programming for these grades.

Are students of all abilities welcome? Absolutely. Yes, we are a gifted school, however we are also here to fill some educational gaps in Chicago - and a lack of a math circle at the elementary level is a gap for all. No advanced abilities or prerequisite mathematical knowledge is needed to join this circle! However, interest in mathematics and curiosity do help in order for the students to stay engaged.

Is there preparation/homework/assessment in/for this class? No.

Is there prerequisite knowledge? No. The program is better suited for children interested in mathematics or already curious about mathematics. Please consider your child's interests before signing up. 

Will this program prepare my child to take the CPS selective enrollment placement test? No. This is not one of the formal goals and outcomes of the program.

Who is paying for this program? The Midwest Academy for Gifted Education is sponsoring the instructor and programming for the circle.

Will there be a chance to provide feedback about the program? Yes, we would love all feedback. Please be patient with us as we run our pilot and iron out the kinks. 

Will you plan for any measurable outcomes for the program? We will solicit parental feedback but at this time we do not have such a goal. 

Where can I learn more about math circles?

When will you expand this program to multiple locations? Anyone can start a math circle. We do not have any plans past the initial pilot at this time. 

What should my child bring to class? Just a labeled bottle of water please. There will be no eating during the session.

What’s the sick policy? 24 hours since last diarrhea, vomit, or fever episode WITHOUT medication, or lice professional treatment; please choose to stay home if the child has to blow nose more than 5 times an hour or has a loud persistent cough (unless you bring doctor note), and obviously if you have been told by a doctor to stay away from activities because you are contagious.

Can you offer a math team? A summer math camp? Other competitive activities? Sure - use the sign up link to tell us what you want to see or email admissions.