Dance Program


Dance is an elective at Midwest Academy, and if there is no interest, students will be able to opt out of this course. However, it is part of our large motor offering and we plan on making it as diverse, differentiated, and friendly to our asynchronous learners as possible.  We plan on having a lot of fun with dance.


Students who elect to participate in our dance program will have to purchase ballet and tap shoes annually.  Dance will be a survey of a variety of techniques and movements, each running in a rotation of 4-8 weeks.


Annually, all students in dance will learn:

·     Folk (Line, circle, etc)

·     Balet

·     Tap

·     Hip Hop


In addition, if time allows, the following may also be covered:

·     Ballroom/Latin

·     Modern/Lyrical


There will be an annual concert where students will have the chance to showcase and celebrate their learning. In addition, during parent drop-ins, there may be a small demonstration/end of unit production.