We have a small initial range of free and paid activities in addition to our full-time programming: homeschool enrichment during the day, and for all during the weekend and after-school. We plan to develop this program further based on student interest. Our goal is to help meet the unique needs of underserved gifted and homeschooling populations. If you have a suggestion, drop us a note.

Enrichment Programs:


  • Free Elementary Math Circle: We run a free city-wide circle for children in grades K-4 for everyone, regardless if you are homeschooled, private school or public school and no, you don’t have to live in the City of Chicago to participate. Someone else runs a for grades 5 and up: Math Circle of Chicago.

  • Math Team: We are launching two Math teams in the fall: A competitive team with a try out, that meets once a week, and a casual team that competes in fewer events and meets only monthly.

  • Small group courses from elementary to college level, non-credit for now. Courses include elementary and middle school mathematics, pre-algebra-calculus, history of mathematics, and many more through pure and linear maths.

Language ARts

  • Classics Club: studying classics is central to a well-rounded education, yet there are now very few opportunities to engage in this, especially for elementary age children. We are bringing it back! The Classics Club will explore the themes of mythology, ancient history, art, and culture, as well as classical Greek and Latin (and we will attempt to have some Sanskrit, etc thrown in), through reading, drama, art, projects, music and games. The Classics club will meet once a week. Studying classics creates foundational understanding of language arts, history, and humanities, is intellectually stimulating and rewarding, and sets children up for academic success. There will be optional opportunities to participate in competition as well.

  • Spelling Bee: if you have no access to a spelling bee due to age or school availability, we have you covered, in 2 types of programs: just show up to the Spelling bee, or a weekly classroom option to build spelling skills through play and literacy activities such as reading rich, engaging stories containing important words to know.

  • Elementary-High School Language Arts Small Group Classes.

  • Spanish

  • Free NaNoWriMo weekly writing group for kids who are playing.


  • Science Fair: no access to science fair? We got you covered! And guess what, if you are a grown-up who misses this, you can even enter this fair yourself (project must be rated PG)! This is an all-ages science fair - family units, children, college students, and grown ups are totally welcome! We have 2 options: show up the day of, or be paced through/complete your project in our classroom, with a teacher facilitating and supporting your work. We strongly discourage parents from doing the children’s work for them, unless it’s a young child that for example asks for help cutting something out - BUT we will have a family option for those that want to have 1 or more family teams. Try to hang back, and if you can’t, well make your own project. We plan on having lots of hands-on activities and prizes at the actual event. What’s the point? The point is not winning. The point is falling in love with science and learning, building confidence, collaborating, and supporting each other. We will even have a special sensory-friendly hour before the start of the actual fair, and a chance for children to practice being in the space before the event. We are building a social emotional committee for the fair to rock it. If you would like to contribute as a volunteer, facilitator, or judge, please drop us a note. We also have a second similar opportunity for children - check out 4H.

  • Science Field Trips

  • Elementary Science - High School

  • Children’s Business Fair - 2 options: show up to the event only, or build the whole thing from start to finish with a facilitator in our classroom.

  • Odyssey of the Mind

  • 4H

  • Destination Imagination

  • Robotics Team

  • First Lego

CTE, Civics

Civics classroom+field trips: we will be running a classroom experience and then a follow-on field trip or hosting a visitor related to the civics unit of study we are in.


  • Yoga

  • Ballet

  • Cross Country (fall)

  • Track and Field (spring)

  • Social and Emotional: we will be running several social groups for gifted children.

  • Still in the works: if you don’t see something that we are already planning to offer, but you think it’s a great idea, just drop us a note.

    • Chess – TBD 

    • Cross Country - TBD

    • Craft Club – TBD

    • Tae Kwon Do – TBD

    • Private Music lessons – TBD 

Before and After Care for enrolled students:

7 AM – 8 AM

3:30 PM – 6 PM

Rate: $1-5/every 15 minutes - depends on demand. Rate will be set in July. Activities include supervised free choice time with board games, reading, building toys, and light arts and crafts. Once our space is established, there may be outdoor time scheduled for After Care.